Book 1

HKDSE Chemistry: Revision Guides & Examination Practice Questions

Book 1

by T. M. Leung & K. Y. Wong

Second Edition: December 2014


About the Book

HKDSE Chemistry is a series of revision guides and practice questions prepared in an order of progressive difficulty for the students.  Book 1 covers most topics taught in Secondary 4, including:

I. Planet earth;

II. Microscopic world I;

III. Metals;

IV. Acids and bases; and

V. Fossil fuels and carbon compounds.

The questions in this book have been grouped into chapter topics following the order as that of syllabus. Each chapter / topic begins with a section of Warm up Questions, followed by Revision Summary. They identify the core knowledge, basic application of the concepts and experimental skills that you must grasp when answering exam questions.

The section of Further Questions in each chapter / topic extends the depth and breadth of knowledge if those students aiming at Level 5 and above at the HKDSE exam. Questions here go beyond the limits of the core material to provide additional exercise on quality of communication, STSE applications, practical skills, analysis and syntheses of concepts from different chapters.

The question and answer format in this book is intended to develop these skills by the use of questions and the appreciation of outcomes by the students. Students can be improved by studying a sufficiently wide range of questions, providing they are shown the way to improve their answers to these questions.

The inclusion of concise answers in the form of marking schemes provide a quick check on the contents that are worthy of high marks. They identify areas readers didn’t actually put down in words. Students are encouraged to understand the reasoning behind the answers, particularly in multiple choice questions. This can leave fewer uncertainties to chance.