Book 4

HKDSE Chemistry: Revision Summaries & Examination Practice Questions

Book 4 - Industrial Chemistry & Analytical Chemistry

by T. M. Leung & K. Y. Wong

First Edition: January 2024


About the Book

Ever since the HKDSE Chemistry has come into operation since 2012, a great majority of the candidates (96 – 97%) have been consistently taking the combination of Industrial Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry as their electives in Paper 2 of the exam. When revising previous editions of these two electives, the opportunity has been taken to combine the two separate books into a single copy, to save cost for our readers and the parents. 

In this book, each chapter now begins with some keynote summaries that are designed to refresh our reader’s memory on key concepts, and as a prompt to work which still needs to be done. This is followed by a broad range of exam style practice questions that have been updated to reflect current format and depths and structured in a way to highlight common pitfalls that have caught out the common candidates.

Effective revision often includes lots of painstaking practice in writing. Study the answers carefully as they could show how to get the most marks in the shortest time, the common mistakes to avoid, and the areas which the readers can focus on their revision. Highlight all these in the questions if there is a need to do revision later, to fix them in long term memory. The end of the tunnel is not too far, and we hope our readers a successful path of study in their final hurdle.


Industrial Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry