Materials Chemistry

HKDSE Chemistry: Exam Practice Questions & Keynote Summaries

Materials Chemistry

by T. M. Leung & K. Y. Wong

First Edition: September 2013



About the Book

HKDSE Chemistry: Materials Chemistry is the first of an innovative series designed to cover the three elective topics found on the chemistry syllabus of the HKDSE Exam. Questions in this book provide a range of exam style practice questions covering the breadth of content likely to be encountered in exams at this level. The questions draw on real exam data that can be set on a particular topic; both from local and overseas exam boards. They have also been structured in a way to identify common pitfalls that have caught out other students. 

This book present the answers immediately after each question. This is not to discourage active thinking and learning; but to allow students to fish out the new information more easily if they need a revision later on. As new developments from some of the topics are coming out almost every day, students may find this book contains quite a bit of new information not found in the textbooks, which are printed at least several years ago.

Practising questions is a crucial part of the revision process and it can make a significant difference to the Level of results students can achieve in the DSE exam. Students can quickly learn the format and nature of the exam, what the examiners are looking for in an answer, where marks are allocated, and hopefully how to gain extra marks.

Warm-up and Keynote Summaries are provided at the beginning of each topic as they are designed to refresh students’ memory on key terms and information, and as a prompt to work which still needs to be done. Tips and helps are included to help students analysing the questions and understand how to approach them. They also show how to get the most marks, the common mistakes to be avoided, and some additional information to aid your understanding.

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