Book 3

HKDSE Chemistry: Examination Practice Questions

Book 3

by T. M. Leung & K. Y. Wong

Second Edition: September 2014


About the Book

The book covers most topics taught in Secondary 5 and 6, including:

XI. Rate of reaction;

XII. Chemical equilibrium;

XIII. Chemistry of carbon compounds; and

XIV. Patterns in the chemical world.

The structure of Book 3 is different from its elementary counterparts. It does away with the Warm up Questions in Book 1 and Book 2. Each chapter in this book now begins with a collection of multiple choice questions, which spot check any gaps in understanding and knowledge. Conventional questions follow straight ahead, to allow students to take the bull by the horns.

The practice questions of this book are a very good way of testing students’ knowledge at the end of their revisions. They also provide additional sources of updated information that will help to spark students’ curiosity, deepen their understanding and give them a grasp of the wider contexts of the topic. After attempting questions, students can compare their own answers with the suggested marking scheme to see how far they still have to go. The goal of reaching 5* or above is never too far. With concerted effort and determination, impossible is nothing and failure is unthinkable.